Watch The Cult Classic "Reefer Madness"

Watch The Cult Classic "Reefer Madness"

"Reefer Madness" is a cult classic film originally titled "Tell Your Children" upon its release in 1936. Produced by George Hirliman and directed by Louis J. Gasnier, it was intended as an exploitation film to warn viewers about the supposed dangers of marijuana use, portraying it as a gateway to moral degradation and violent crime.

The film depicts the fictionalized story of young people who fall into a downward spiral of debauchery, violence, and insanity after using marijuana. It presents exaggerated and sensationalized scenarios, including reckless driving, manslaughter, and attempted rape, all attributed to the influence of cannabis.

While "Reefer Madness" initially failed to gain significant attention upon its release, it found a new audience decades later when it entered the public domain due to a combination of factors. The film's producers neglected to include a copyright notice in its original prints, and it was not registered for copyright renewal, leading to its eventual lapse into the public domain.

As a result, "Reefer Madness" became widely distributed and screened in the 1970s, gaining a cult following for its unintentionally humorous portrayal of marijuana hysteria and its stark depiction of outdated social attitudes. Its public domain status has allowed it to be freely distributed, remixed, and parodied, contributing to its enduring legacy in popular culture.


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